Hypnosis for Anxiety

Stress Hypnosis Cds Stress is an ever prevalent experience that appears to be increasing in the experience of many across the United States. We as a society have experienced such rapid change. Life is now moving at an incredible pace for many and the task of managing life demands and keeping up with it's pace can be overwhelming.

Anxiety disorders have become the number one mental health disorder diagnosed for women and the second most diagnosed for men second to alcohol and drug addiction. More that 10% of the United States population has been diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder and that number is on the rise. Often people do not register or categorize early anxiety symptoms as anxiety, but reference them as stress. Stress and the experience of stress can most often be attributed to a person's interpretations or beliefs about events and not just the events themselves. Chronic and repetitive stress, paired with ones limited ability to cope with the stress, increases ones predisposition to anxiety as well as an array of physical ailments such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Over the years there have been many proposed treatment options to help people reduce stress in their experience and develop the inner resources that will prevent the onset of stress related physical and mental health ailments (such as an anxiety disorder).

Early on most treatment methods or resources aimed at helping people understand the mechanics and causes of their stress and how to accommodate and cope with the discomforts when they arise. While this approach offered benefit and some relief, it did not help people eliminate stress and anxiety from their lives. Hypnosis however has been proven to not only help a person reduce or eliminate their experiences of stress, it has been shown to consistently help a person develop tools and resources that prevent the recurrence of stress and anxiety as well as heal the mind, body and emotions from the persons experiences of stress and anxiety. Hypnosis allows people to experience profound relaxation which increase Alpha brainwave states (which have been clinically shown to reduce or eliminate anxiety and the experience of stress related diseases), change limiting beliefs and habits and patterns, rebuild the immune system and rejuvenated the mind, body and emotions.

Hypnosis is also very effective in resourcing the emotions and helping one return to patterns of response vs. reaction. This gives a person back the control of their life. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The power of the hypnosis experiences always belongs to the person experiencing the self-hypnosis state.

Therefore, a person can receive tremendous benefit from the experience of a guided self-hypnosis audio and does not necessarily need the presence of a practitioner. A stress and anxiety reduction hypnosis program that includes self-hypnosis training and instruction on utilizing self-hypnosis skills is a valuable addition and worth seeking out. Learning self-hypnosis allows you to continue to build personal resources across a lifetime. Stress is an ever prominent experience that responds to stress hypnosis therapy.

The results through stress hypnosis audio programs are effective and becoming more readily available. When selecting a program be sure to select a program that includes comprehensive self-hypnosis training and was created by a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in stress and anxiety. Rebecca Armstrong is a Certified Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in stress and anxiety. She has helped hundreds eliminate stress and anxiety from their lives for good. For more information go to www.easyanxietyhelp.


Rebecca Armstrong is a Certified Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in depression and anxiety. She has helped hundreds eliminate depression and anxiety from their lives for good. Find more information about Anxiety and Depression Treatment here.

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