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Skin care advice at 40 starts with daily maintenance. Once women hit 40, it becomes easy to tell who's been taking care of their skin and who hasn't, say leading dermatologists. Skin is drier, thinner, and less firm. Skin care advice experts say that this happens because lipid and estrogen levels have dropped. Skin care advice starts with the understanding that elasticity is losing its bounce and fluctuating hormones can still cause occasional acne breakouts. SKIN CARE CONCERNS AT 40 Problems with the skin around the eyes become much more prevalent at 40.

There are bags, drooping lids, and/or under eye hollows to be dealt with. Also, there is a lot of skin care advice about the neck, which starts to show telltale signs of neglect. The neck starts to develop rings that can give away your age. DAILY SKIN MAINTENANCE Use products with retinol 2-3 times per week, since they are proven to stimulate collagen growth. A topical antioxidant, like a vitamin C serum, will brighten the complexion.

Cotemporary skin care advice suggests fighting the forces of time internally with supplements like super greens, including green tea and omega fatty acids. KEEP IT SIMPLE Day - you should wash your face and neck with an antioxidant cleanser and use a hydrating antioxidant day cream with an SPF15 or higher. Evening - your protocol should include washing your face and neck with an antioxidant cleanser, using a retinol serum, and then use, use, use a night skin care moisturizer cream - that means use skin care moisturizer cream. As we said, the eyes, after 40, are the major problem. After tons of research, the skin care advice offered by leading experts is that the cheapest, easiest way to preserve your youthful looking eyes is with sunscreen and eye cream.

When started early, these topical products protect the delicate eye area skin from environmental damage, while giving it the moisture and vitamins skin needs to say supple. The common name for the 40 year old eye wrinkles is crow's feet. Crow's feet, or under eye area lines, are caused by years of smiling and squinting as well as mild skin drooping.

Using products that boost collagen production deep within the skin to smooth the appearance of lines and crepey skin are recommended. The earlier you begin intervention, the more successful you will be, but if you don't stick with it every day the treatments will not be successful.

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