Panic Attack and Depression Signs and Symptoms to Watch For

Panic attacks and depression can occur simultaneously and even go hand-in-hand. This makes it really difficult for the individual to lead the life normally and undertake tasks required for daily routine. This is a serious condition wherein the patient has to undergo a lot of trauma and emotional problems. In fact, the person suffering from this disease is constantly under a threat of the panic situation attacking him at any point of his life. He is under a constant fear when dealing with public, at home, attending a baby, studying in a class, conducting a meeting or doing anything that holds utter importance in his life.

This is a great problem for the patient. The emotional turmoil becomes so intense that it takes shape of depression. Most people live with this condition without even knowing about what is happening to them while some are too embarrassed to talk about it or even admit it.

People who are serious about dealing with this condition must work towards it seriously. There is a lot to do on the part of the patient in this regard. If one has the will power and the strength to overcome the anxiety and panic attacks, it is easy to cope up with this condition. The good news is that yes, one can combat this disease. He must start understanding his problem and then learning about its causes, symptoms, possible treatments, steps to cope up with it and the best medical practitioner who deals with this condition around his area.

The most important part remains detection of this disease. If a person is unable to make out that he has developed this condition, one cannot cope up with it. Hence, it is very necessary to find out whether he is actually suffering from this disease. There are several symptoms that suggest the traces of this disease present in an individual.

One can recognize these symptoms via learning about them. If you are not aware of the symptoms that suggest the development of this condition, here are some of the potential symptoms that suggest the same. - Symptoms: a) Feeling depressed; Depression; Disillusioned state of mind; Constant despair b) Frequent feelings of weakness: Lack of energy c) Dizziness; Numbness; Sensitivity d) Trembling; Shaking visibly; Tingling feeling in hands e) Thoughts of committing suicide; Self-abuse f) Change in shape of eye lenses; Blurred vision g) Staying away from driving, socialization etc. h) Craziness; Depersonalization; Fear of losing control i) Skin losing color; Blushing; Skin blotches j) Urge to urinate frequently; Frequent urge to defecate k) Rapid heart beat; Heart palpitations; Chest pain l) Bloating; Nausea; Indigestion; Discomfort; Stomach ache m) Feeling light headed; Choking sensations; Shortness of breath n) Unfounded fear towards random events or objects o) Increased body temperature; Excessive perspiration p) Tightness in chest or neck area. Taking professional help is the best way to treat this disorder once you make out the existence via judging the symptoms. You may also consider going for herbal treatment options widely available these days.

The key is to provide the best possible medical and professional assistance to this condition. Meditation, exercises, faith in god and diet can also help a lot.

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