The Best Bodybuilding Exercises for the Fastest Results

Need Energetic & Healthy Lifestyle? It's the perfect plan for building your perfect body by doing exercise & start being fit! People often wonder is there anything about body building exercises that sets them apart form those you'd perform in a regular workout - the answer is no - and yes! The no part is based on the notion that body building exercises are simply the same movements that all lifters perform, but done with regard to the principles of progressive resistance - that is, in order to grow, you must constantly push the muscle, force it to work hard and adapt. Nutrition: Proper nutrition is the success or failure of any athlete in any sport. To ensure proper nutrition with weight training I suggest the following. The Basics: 1. Divide your diet into five to six meals per day.

Each meal should focus on protein and vegetables. Avoid high in carb starches. 2.

Eliminate all carbs from your diet at least three hours before going to bed. Another exercises is arms. The arms consist of three main areas - the biceps, triceps, and forearms.

The most popular of the arm exercises is the bicep curl. To perform it correctly you need to stand with your knees slightly bent, and hold the barbell with both hands, shoulder width apart. The biceps is actually a smaller muscle then the triceps.

It is on the front of the upper arms. There are two heads of the biceps muscle (hence the bi in biceps). Beneath the biceps is the brachialis, a flat muscle group that runs about half way up the upper arm bone from the elbow joint.

Upper arm exercises are, and should be, an important area of your exercise program. Upper arm exercises will help to improve other areas of your upper body and will give you an over-all strong, fit appearance. The most common method of building arm strength is through weight lifting: the use of free weights and exercise machines. Although not the only method of increasing arm strength and burning fat, it is one of the most effective.

Standing Barbell Curls exercise is a basic movement that works the biceps and forearms. Forearm - several smaller muscles that run from the elbow to the wrist. Incline Dumbbell Curls exercise is similar to the standing dumbbell curl.

It works the biceps and forearms. This exercise isolates and stretches the biceps more then standing dumbbell curls so you will have to use less weight. Shoulder exercises is best done in front of a mirror.

Raise your arms to the side, keeping your elbows bent and parallel to your chest wall. Flat bench dumbbell press This exercise is an excellent way to develop the Pecs and is a variation of the barbell press; you can swap between the standard bench press and bench presses using dumbbells. Incline bench press This is another excellent exercise for developing the Pecs, it is also a great upper chest exercise when done in the correct form, however if done incorrectly only the front deltoids will gain the benefit. Knee raises This exercise involves the use of a chin up bar and is another great way to tighten those abdominals and get you on your way to achieving that six pack. Take a firm hold of the overhead chin up bar making sure your hands are spread apart wider than the shoulders, with your feet off the floor supporting your body weight, try not to rock or swing. Slowly bring your knees up towards the abdomen until they are at a 90 degree angle, tense the abdominal muscles as you do and hold for about 2 seconds before slowly letting the legs back down.

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